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Monday, November 16, 2015

No RV Leveling System - What now?

Gary, I just purchased a 32-foot RV, my first RV. Unfortunately, it does not have any type of leveling system. Leveling must be done manually. How do you do this? I know it’s done with blocks, but that’s all I know? How do you know when it's level? Bob D., (Bloomsburg, PA)

Great question Bob! Some RVers might be shocked to know that not every coach comes equipped with automatic levelers, in-motion satellite reception, a dozen televisions and two bathrooms! Some coaches are equipped with just the basic accouterments; plumbing, electrical systems and propane appliances. Everything necessary to fully enjoy the RVing lifestyle, just not as "fancy" as some. In fact, prior to the genesis of leveling "systems," every RVer had to manually level the RV. Obviously for general comfort, for doors and cabinets to swing and close properly, but most importantly, for the absorption refrigerator to function correctly. Anyone still have their little round bubble level?

The process is to run the tires on the low side of the coach up on ramped blocks. Many are homemade from wood but alternate materials like plastic are also available in the RV aftermarket. The key thing to remember about leveling blocks is that it is vital to support the complete footprint of every tire that is raised. 

So it kinda involves guessing just how much to raise the low side or corner. Run the tires up on a block, check the level of the refrigerator evaporator or freezer shelf, add or subtract boards or blocks to get the unit level from side to side and front to back. 

On a towable RV, the front to rear adjustment is easy enough to manipulate with the tongue jack or landing jacks, but it's trial and error. And with a motorhome, there are any of four "corners" that might need to be raised to get the rig properly leveled. It is definitely trial and error at best. Now the good news!

I'm in the process of testing a new product called the ReVo Leveler. This little box attaches to the side of the RV and, with its own battery power, tells you exactly how much to raise the RV to obtain perfect level. This is one of those inventions that make you ponder, "After all these years, where has this been?"

The ReVo Leveler makes four crucial determinations. 1) How far to lift the tongue jack or hitch to disconnect the RV from the tow vehicle, 2) How far to raise the front of the unit to obtain front-to-rear level, 3) How far to lift the low side of the rig to get it level from side to side, and 4) To obtain the exact height needed to raise the front to reconnect the tow vehicle. 

Displayed in inches, you'll now know exactly how many boards or blocks to use. Best applied with a towable RV, conventional travel trailer or 5th wheel, I can see where the ReVo Leveler would be beneficial to motorhome owners as well. Level is level is level! And all RVs need to operate within a level orientation.

The ReVo Leveler kit includes a handy 12-volt adapter for its rechargeable battery which is said to hold its charge for up to 30 hours (the digital display indicates the amount of charge remaining). Mounting clips, labels and very detailed instructions are also included in the kit. It even comes in its own protective pouch! Nice touch! 

As testing and product evaluation concludes in a real-world environment, I'll report back with a final verdict on its usefulness. My initial reaction, however, is quite positive. The construction, design and functionality is very thought-out and well engineered.

For an immediate look at the ReVo Leveler, visit http://www.revoleveler.com. Inventor, Larry Karan has also posted several videos on YouTube which explain each function

So Bob, I'd suggest you take a serious look at the ReVo Leveler. It is available online, at select dealers and at RV shows.



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