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Monday, November 16, 2015

Bottled Water for RV Toilet Use

We are newbies at this, and it's our first winter. If we winterize our 5th wheel, and then want to go camping in the winter, is it safe to use the black tank with bottled water only? Since the black tank hoses appear to be quite large it's hard to believe they would freeze. Or are there smaller hoses somewhere in the black tank system that we can't see that could freeze? We would be using bottled water only for any fresh water needs, so we wouldn't disturb the anti-freeze in the rest of the system. Is our thinking right on this? Barb H. 

Barb, it is perfectly doable to use the black tank with bottled water if you choose that route. It’s also possible to use the complete fresh water system in the coach during the winter with some proper preparation. See my winter RVing article here. But typically it’s a full 3-inch drain from the toilet into the solid waste holding tank so just pouring bottled water into the toilet before and after each flush, you should be fine. I’d add a little RV anti-freeze to the bottom of the holding tank just to keep it from freezing if you’ll be in extended below-freezing weather. And remember, you’re in an RV so you can always head south!

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