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Friday, November 20, 2015

Cable-Operated RV Dump Valve Replacement

I continue to have problems with my cable-pull dump valves on my waste water tanks. I can't even close the black water valve now. I had to buy a temporary valve for the end of the run. My question; Can these be replaced with any other type of valve? Even if I had to drop the under belly and re-plumb to get to the side of the coach for all three valves? I  tried to find prints or drawings of how the waste plumbing is layed out, but of course that didn't happen. I would appreciate some feed back, thanks! Bob B.

Bob, it’s bad enough to have to deal with such archaic methods of waste management, but having problems with those cable-pulls are no fun at all. Since it’s likely a routing or corrosion issue with the cables (or perhaps cheap valves), I’d recommend eliminating them altogether. Drainmaster offers an electric gate valve that is operated by battery power. I’d replace all three valves and mount the switches in the wet bay or close to the termination outlets. By code it’s mandated that the sewer valves be positioned only so far from the tank outlet, so moving all three valves to the side of the coach may not be the best choice. Since you’ll have to drop the underbelly anyway, why not just do it once and for all? Check out the Drainmaster here. Give them a call to find the best method of getting these valves to you. But do away with those cable-acuated valves!


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