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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Leaky RV Slideout... Really?

We have a 2009 Monaco and have had a leak in the bedroom slide from the very beginning. They found one leak in the beginning but then Monaco went out of business and we can't find anyone to help us. It takes about an hour or so for the water to start dripping in on the floor and it will continue to drip three hours after it stops raining. I just keep putting rolled up towels and it will soak them. We can see it dripping in but can't find out where it is coming from. If you have any ideas please let us know. We have enjoyed your seminars in Hershey, we come every year. I guess we should have ask you in person but didn't want to take up your  time. Thank you in advance for any help that you may give us. Gary & Linda B., (Wooster, OH)

Gary and Linda, sight unseen, this is a tough one! Slideouts remain inherently difficult to keep leak-proof forever. There has to be enough clearance for the room to slide in and out, yet gaskets and seals should be positioned to effectively wipe away moisture and keep water out whether the room is extended, retracted and all points in between. All slideouts are adjustable and it sounds like re-centering the room and adjusting the slide stops may be in order. As well as checking the integrity of the seals. Unfortunately, it will have to be looked at by a certified shop to be sure. It does not have to be a Monaco dealer by the way; just a good technician with slideout experience. If you don’t mind a short trip up to Willoughby, I can recommend a shop up there.

Sorry I can’t offer much else without actually taking a look and taking a few measurements. Let me know in Hershey this year how it works out for you.



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