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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making Use of Extra Space in an RV

I have a 2011 Damon and want to add pull-out drawers to the dinette seats. Do you have a recommendation on the type of hardware I should use? I know I will need to build up the foundation the tracks will be on so as not to pinch off the seat belt connections. Are there other technical considerations I should be thinking about? Thank you! Dale W., (Union Springs, NY)

Personally I favor the smoother action of ball bearing drawer slides, Dale, but there are many price points to choose from at any of the big box home supply centers or your local hardware store. One thing to check first however; be sure sure you have clearance underneath each dinette seat to incorporate a new drawer assembly. Oftentimes, RV manufacturers use that “hidden” space to stash equipment such as the water pump, furnace (see photo) or other accoutrements. You certainly do not want to negate the return air or ventilation to any hidden components. Gain access from up above first and see just what might be under each seat. With storage a premium on most recreation vehicles, it would be odd that the manufacturer didn’t install a drawer or cabinet door if that space was truly available. But you never know; anything is possible! 



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