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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Faulty Absorption Refrigerator Cooling Unit

I have a refrigerator that needs to have the cooling unit replaced.  Do you know of any place that I can get a new or rebuilt cooling unit for it? Thanks! Tom R., (Perry, FL)

Tom,  any respectable RV dealer or service center can order a new or reconditioned cooling unit from a number of rebuilders around the country. Any certified RV service tech should be able to replace the cooling unit. After all, it is in the curriculum we teach the professional technicians! It is not typically a do-it-yourself project without the proper training, however. But it is an easily learned task. But any established service shop should be able to swap out the unit in a few short hours. You'll need to know the brand and serial number of your absorption refrigerator and be sure to call ahead to inquire about availability first. 

It's a shame, but many RVers are coerced into buying a completely new refrigerator when a less-expensive alternative may be to just replace the cooling unit. A lot depends on the age of the refrigerator and if there are any other extenuating circumstances to consider before deciding whether to replace the refrigerator or just the cooling unit. Proper diagnosis, however, remains the number one consideration! Be sure it is indeed the cooling core at fault. 



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