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Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Friends of Gary - Chris

This month I welcome back my buddy Chris Dougherty. Chris has been busy starting up his new, revised mobile RV repair business, RV Medics, which serves the greater Springfield, MA and nearby vicinities.

If you're lucky enough to live within his service area, be sure to give him a jingle when you need professional & Certified RV service: Chris can be reached at cdougherty@rvmedics.com. You can also visit him on the Web at www.rvmedics.com.

I wanted to get his take on a recent problem encountered by George H., with his HWH leveling system:

I just purchased a 2004 Newmar motorhome in May, and I am having trouble with the left rear jack failing to completely retract? I took it back to the dealer and he replaced the jack that was not retracting. Since the front passenger jack starting doing the same thing and they have yet to find the problem. I have checked the fluid level and with everything retracted, it shows full. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time & effort. George H. 

Hi George, sorry to hear about your problem. I believe your system to be made by HWH. There are a couple of possibilities. First, does the pump run when the down arrow is pressed? If it does, then you have a control issue. Here’s a test… on the pump body are some valves. Open the valve release nut (small valve) 4 1/2 complete turns or the valve release T-handle (large valve) for the line to that jack approximately 5 full turns counterclockwise. (Make sure you are not under your coach!) If the jack retracts, the problem is most likely a control issue. If the jack still doesn’t retract, then your problem is the hose, the velocity valve if it has one, a check valve (if it has one), or the jack itself.

If the coach is up on the jack, you will have to support the coach frame with appropriate sized jack stands and a hydraulic jack – Under no circumstances should you crawl under the coach without properly supporting the frame of the coach. Once supported, slowly start to unscrew the hose connection to the jack. Hydraulic fluid will come out, so make sure you have something down on the ground to catch the fluid. If the jack doesn’t retract at this point, replace the jack. If it does, then the valve would be next, in my opinion, then the hose. If there is no velocity valve, then it could be a check valve or solenoid valve, depending on the system, and I would recommend calling the technical service department at HWH at that point.

Hope this helps! 


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