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Monday, April 20, 2015

TV Shelf Removal

Hi Gary, I enjoy the reference material that your site has accumulated. We own a 2002 Komfort 23-foot travel trailer. In the Master bedroom there is a small corner shelf that an old CRT-type TV sits upon. My wife is always hitting her head on this shelf. I would like to remove it and install a flat panel TV on the wall. I can't figure out for the world how to go about removing it. I am not sure if the trim that runs along the outer edge if removed will show long screws, or if it is attached through the outer wall before it is skinned? There are no visible attaching mounts. I and my wife hope you can help me. Thanks for your time! Ed S., (no city/state)

Ed, I believe you are correct; that the shelf was likely installed prior to the installation of the exterior siding of the coach. The screws probably run from the outside, through the interior paneling and into the shelf. It is possible to cut through the mounting screws between the shelf and the interior panel, but there is a risk the panel will be damaged. A good technician with a careful hand and sharp tool should probably be able to accomplish the task easier. Because of the risk of water intrusion, I would advise against removing any of the exterior components. And even when the attaching screws are cut and the shelf removed, you’ll still need to hide the remaining screw holes and any other evidence of the shelf. Unless, the new flat screen will effectively hide them. Of course, you can always put the pillow at the other end of the bed, but I’m guessing that wouldn’t be a real option!. And probably not one to suggest to your wife!


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