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Thursday, April 23, 2015

RV Open Road Magazine Debuts

Dear Readers! I just received my copy of Open Road Magazine and as you can see, I'm thoroughly enjoying this new, richly-filled periodical. Published by Lippert Components, the premier issue is chock full of helpful information for all RVers from lifestyle pieces, to RV maintenance tips, along with details about some of the latest innovative upgrade products all RVers should consider.

Here’s a sampling of some of the articles you’ll enjoy in the current issue:
  •  10 steps to get your RV road ready – by Ray Burr
  •  Everybody does it, RV waste management tips – by Emily Fagan
  •  Cooking across America – by Rachel Purdy
  •  Top 5 apps for RVers – by Chris Guld
  •  The ultimate comfort solution – by Michael Pelchat
I've also contributed with my very own "RV Doctor’s Orders" Q&A column, which contains questions from RVers that only appear in RV Open Road Magazine.

And the best news! RV Open Road Magazine is FREE! You can pick up a copy at any of LCI's preferred RV dealers across the country, or you can sign up and receive your very own digital copy by simply clicking the button directly below. If your local dealership does not have the magazine in stock, let Lippert know. Their list of dealers will be expanding as more of them find out about this fantastic resource.

And keep in mind, RV Open Road Magazine wants to hear from you, the active RVers. Be sure to send them ideas for future articles you'd like to see. Remember, RVing is more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle! Enjoy it!

Click Here for a Digital Copy of RV Open Road!


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