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Monday, January 7, 2013

Seeking Less Expensive Tires

I am planning on replacing the six tires on my 25-foot Class C motorhome. Presently I have Michelin X-Radial All Season, LT225/75R16 LRE purchased in 2004 on there. I do like the ride and the tires have held up very well, especially the sidewalls. But these tires have doubled in cost since then! Are there less costly, but equally performing tires you can recommend? Larry, (Mission Viejo, CA) 

For tire issues specifically Larry, I like to seek the advice from the preeminent tire expert in the RV Industry, Walter Cannon at the RV Safety & Education Foundation. I sent your question to him and here’s his response:

Tire brand recommendations are always tough, everyone has their favorite. You will never go wrong with the Michelin; however Bridgestone/Firestone, Goodyear and many others make equally good tires. In the 16” size there are many choices so just stay with a brand you recognize and make sure you keep with the ‘Load Range E.’ Many tire dealers are not as familiar with RV usage as they should be! Hope this helps. Walter

I would further add, be sure to check the DOT code on the sidewalls to determine the actual date of manufacture prior to the purchase, regardless of the brand you choose. When shopping by price, be sure the least expensive are not simply priced that way because of their age! Check out this post...


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