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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Helper Spring Help

I'd like your educated and experienced mind to help me choose an air bag helper spring system for my Class C, Gulfstream BT Cruiser motorhome with leaf-springs and a Ford V-10 engine. I would appreciate any assistance or contacts before plunking down the money for such a system. I read all your newsletters and glean a lot of info from them. Thanks! William M., (Columbia, MO) 

William, I’ve always been a fan of the Firestone Ride-Rite air spring for most applications, though there some other systems that will likely suffice as well. However, prior to the purchase of any “helper” type product, I always recommend a thorough and detailed inspection of the complete suspension system and obtaining the accurate weights at each tire position. There’s no sense in applying a “bandage” mentality if a pre-existing condition is the primary cause. In other words, eliminate all guessing and start with a known entity before investing in a product installation. A good truck shop will be able to inspect and measure your current rig and rectify any ills discovered with the existing equipment or set-up. If the coach still requires additional suspension support, then you can opt to install the air springs. The Ride-Rites would be my choice. Be sure the shop you choose is very familiar with such an add-on installation.


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