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Friday, November 18, 2011

Repair Help for Electronic RV Components

Any sources for repair service for a Statpower TrueCharge 40+ battery charger? I really like the unit and would rather have it repaired rather than replace it. The manufacturer declines to repair it. Howard S., (Melbourne, FL)

Howard, the sad truth today is that rarely is it feasible to have any electronic component repaired. Many electronic parts and sub-components are assembled overseas and simply not worth the time and effort. By the time one pays for shipping the unit to a repair center, parts and labor, etc., you’re about near the cost of a new replacement unit. We’ve indeed become a throw-away society, even within the RV realm. Component-level diagnostics are quickly fading. No longer is it possible or feasible to rebuild a generator carburetor or to replace individual electronic board components, for example.

Now that said, thankfully there is a resource; a facility that does perform such repairs, even on the obsolete components. Contact Mark and M&M Electronics. They are located in Ohio. Here’s their website:

M&M Electronics

He’ll probably tell you the same thing; to upgrade to the new Xantrex TrueCharge2 battery charger, but at least it’s worth a phone call to find out. It might be worth it to have him, at least diagnose the problem with your 40+.


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