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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RV Television Swap

My husband and I are total "newbies" and my question will probably sound stupid to veteran RVers. The two TVs in our fifth wheel (probably original equipment) are dual voltage, (12/120). I know that means they can work when hooked up at a campground or on battery power from the "house" batteries if not connected to "shore" power. We'd like to replace them. Can we just use an ordinary TV or is there something different about the electric outlets/wiring/breakers in the RV that could ruin a new TV? Or does it just mean that the new TVs won't work unless we're connected to a campground power source?  Sue L. (Ludlow, VT)

Never a stupid question Sue! But you nailed it; a 120-volt AC (only) television will only operate whenever the shore cord is plugged in. Unless, of course, you have a generator or an inverter on your 5th wheel. Both of which can be installed at any reputable RV service facility, by the way. All the receptacles and circuit breakers in the coach are 120-volt AC, similar to what you are accustomed to in a residential home. By swapping out the TVs, you lose the ability to watch while dry camping without hookups. But you can always add an inverter if that's too much of a burden.



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