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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RV Inverter Replacement

I suspect I may have to replace my inverter/charger.  I know you recommend a seperate Xantrex battery charger. But do you have a recommendation for a inverter to pair with the charger? John M. (Ft. Collins, CO)

John, I’d certainly stick with Xantrex when it comes to an inverter. Be sure it is sized appropriately for your demands. You may want to upgrade to a larger output in case you opt to add loads to the system at a later date. I always recommend a true sine wave inverter, but then again, I’m not subsidizing the expenditure! Use your own judgment, but sticking with Xantrex is your best bet, in my opinion.

Keep in mind, depending on the inverter model you choose, it may come equipped with the same charging technology as the Truecharge2 battery charger you mention. So there would be no need to purchase both an inverter and a battery charger. The inverter itself becomes the battery charger whenever 120-volts AC is available (generator or shore power).  Do some investigating here first.

My question is what makes you think you may have to replace your existing inverter/charger? Be sure it was diagnosed correctly before replacing it.


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