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Sunday, August 1, 2010

De-tails of De-winterizing an RV

Last autumn, I bought my first RV and had the dealer winterize it after I was done traveling for the year. I want to de-winterize it myself but I'm not sure of what's involved. Can I just flush it out to remove the RV antifreeze? Can I obtain a pamphlet somewhere that covers winterizing/de-winterizing?
Peter, (New Kensington, PA)

Indeed flushing the fresh water system will rid your coach of RV anti-freeze, but there are certainly additional items to check and sequential tasks to perform depending on the extent that dealer performed the winterizing precautions last fall. The steps are too numerous to include in this response, but the November 2009 issue of Family Motor Coaching Magazine published an in-depth look at all the necessary winterizing steps. Additionally, the March 2010 issue holds the companion article for de-winterizing your motorhome. Each article details, step by step, all the procedures necessary for any motorhome. Give FMC Magazine a call and see if you can obtain a reprint of those articles. They'll be good references to rely on each year.


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