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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Class C Motorhome Fuel Sending Unit

Where can I find a fuel sending unit for a 1976 Class C, Vogue motorhome?
Chuck, (San Francisco, CA) 

Chuck, if the maker of your Class C Vogue chassis is Dodge, which I suspect it is, I’m guessing the sending unit is a side mounted model with what is called a 78-ohm wrap. It probably has a single draw tube and no vapor return tube. If the problem you are experiencing with the sender is that it reads empty all the time, the problem may or may not actually be the sender itself. Here’s how to tell. 

Use an ohm meter and measure the resistance at the sending unit. It should measure between 8 and 78 ohms if it is working properly. If indeed it does measure a resistance within the above range, check that the wire running from the sender to the fuel gauge is intact. You can do this quickly and easily by turning the ignition key to the “on” position and touching the sender wire at the tank to a good frame ground. If the fuel gauge goes up past the full mark when that wire is grounded, it ensures the sender wire itself is in good condition. If the sender does not measure within the above resistance range, it may simply just need a good cleaning. 

After confirming that the fuel level in the tank is well below the side-mounted sender opening, remove the sender and inspect the wire windings (wraps). Use an electrical contact cleaner to remove any corrosion that may be on the windings. Work the float back and forth; making sure the contact cleaner reaches the full travel. This may be all that is necessary. If it still does not register the fuel level properly, chances are a new or rebuilt sending unit is in your future. If you cannot locate a used one at a local automotive recycling yard, contact Transfer Flow Inc. at 800-442-0056, extension 11. They also repair older senders.


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