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Thursday, February 18, 2010

RV slides barely moving

We have just purchased a 2005 coach with three slides, which have rack and pinion electric mechanisms. The large living room slide lifted up awkwardly, went out less than half way and made loud noises. We put it in and tried again and it would only go out half way and made both clunking and clicking noises. The top (of the room) was barely out and the bottom was way out of whack. We tried lubricating it but it seemed to get worse. Now it makes loud clicking noises only and barely moves at all. It sounds like the gears are out of sync. Is there a way of fixing this without waiting and trying to find a repair shop? We are on the road full-time.
Rick, (Westbank, BC)

Sorry to hear that Rick, I wish I could be more encouraging, but unfortunately due to the complexity of slideout mechanisms and room adjustments, I’m at a disadvantage without seeing it with my own eyeballs. Any attempt to adjust slide mechanisms and troubleshoot operational errors should only occur after a complete inspection. And quite frankly, oftentimes repairs cannot be performed in the field. Specialty equipment may be needed in order to effectuate a complete repair. I would, however, suggest you contact a certified mobile RV tech if one is available where you are currently located. There is a chance he might be able to unbind the mechanism, barring any physical problem with broken gears or and issue with the motor itself. Also, the proper troubleshooting strategy depends on the manufacturer of the slideout mechanism; some are proprietary. Perhaps it is nothing more serious than a physical binding or a simple alignment issue. Wish I had more encouraging news, but unfortunately these types of repairs are not usually for the Do-It-Yourselfer.


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