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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RV Holding Tank Sewer Odors

I recently purchased a 2003 motorhome. I have emptied the black water holding tank and noticed the tank is quite odorous still when driving. I do not notice the odor when the unit is parked. Any suggestions on how to correct this problem will be helpful. Elaine, (Elk Grove, CA)

Elaine, the first thing you should do is fully flush out the holding tanks with copious amounts of fresh water. Keeping them rinsed after each evacuation will help minimize holding tank odors. You only state the tank was evacuated, not if you’re adding fresh water afterward. Also, if you’re not yet doing so, only add enzyme-based tank additives to help break up the solids in the black holding tank. But probably the best thing you can do is to replace the existing sewer vents on the roof with Xtreme Vents

I believe I’ve mentioned them before, but it bears repeating. These aerodynamically designed roof vents capture the breeze when the RV is standing still and takes in ram air while driving. Xtreme Vents operate on the venturi principle of air being passed over a tube. As air passes over the open end of the vent pipe, it draws air and odors from the tank. This will help eliminate odors by literally “sucking” them out of the tank. This is extremely helpful, (get it?), especially when a 14-inch roof vent is located very close to the sewer vent. The Xtreme Vent will, thankfully, eliminate that design flaw with some floor plans. And remember, there are just as many odors emanating from the gray holding tank as the black tank. I consider it one of the best add-on components available.


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