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Friday, October 23, 2009

Where's the Power?

My Generac generator runs fine but no power is generated. One day it worked, then not the next. Any ideas as to what I should look for first?
Gary, (Erin, NY

Getting power from the on-board power plant to the rest of your motorhome, Gary, requires one of two basic methods; either the shoreline cord must be physically plugged into a receptacle inside the shoreline compartment, (manual method), or the rig must be equipped with an automatic transfer switch. There is a third, older method of manually flipping a set of circuit breakers, but that design has been absent for many years. If your motorhome is equipped with the manual method make sure that shoreline is indeed plugged in.

In addition, most every RV generator today is equipped with integral circuit breakers, completely independent from the panelboard distribution box located inside the RV. There is a good possibility either of two circuit breakers on the generator has tripped.

In a typical configuration, you’ll find two independent breakers on the generator. One protects the output circuit which feeds a second roof air conditioner while the other protects the output circuit powering the rest of the RV. If all the circuit breakers inside your coach have not tripped, check the breakers on the generator itself. They are usually located near the control box of the generator, but each model may be different. You may have to refer to the generator’s owner’s manual for the exact location. Flip the breaker fully off and then back on.

Be sure all loads inside the coach are tuned off before, once again, starting the generator. If all the breakers inside the coach are in their “on” position and likewise, both breakers on the power plant, then I’m afraid further troubleshooting is in order. Perhaps the automatic transfer switching device has malfunctioned, or the generator gremlins are playing tricks again. Either situation demands a more in-depth look.


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