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Friday, October 23, 2009

Stop That Cycling!

We have two air conditioners. The front one seems to work well, while the one in the bedroom seems to cycle on and off once it reaches the set temperature. We can control them separately but it's the one in the bedroom that I would like to have working properly. What do you suggest we do? Can it be the Freon?
Denise, (Templeton, MA

Denise, you didn’t really give me a whole lot to go on, but here are some thoughts to consider. Do you have the same symptoms whether operating the air conditioners off the shoreline connection or with the generator power? It may make a difference. If you only are equipped with a 30-amp shoreline cord, only one A/C can operate at a time. Some RVs are equipped with an additional piece of equipment called an energy management system (EMS) that shuts one off while the other is operating. It may be tied in with each thermostat, depending on the device used to monitor each A/C. This EMS may be malfunctioning. In addition, you may have a faulty circuit board (if so equipped) on the bedroom unit. That unit’s thermostat should also be checked for proper operation.

This type testing typically is beyond the scope of the average RVer. It’s probably best to make an appointment at your local RV service center. If it only happens while running off the generator power, the problem could be solely in the rear A/C unit itself. Typically it’s the thermal overload device which fails in this instance. The overload is attached directly to the compressor on the A/C and can be tested for continuity with a Volt-Ohm meter. If the compressor is overworked, due to low refrigerant, etc., then the overload device may trip. It acts like a circuit breaker of sorts and may be fatigued enough to warrant replacement. I’m guessing it will take further investigation to determine the exact cause of your symptoms, but I would recommend you check that overload device first.


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