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Monday, October 26, 2009

Generator Installation

I just purchased a Generac generator. I have been led to understand that all gensets should be installed in a fire resistant box such that protects the living areas. This makes sense. This generator comes in an insulated steel box with no openings that cannot be sealed except on the bottom where it gets cooling as well as combustion air. This is also where the engine exhausts. I will mount the unit with bottom open to the outside and sealed around the base. Is it normal to NOT have to build another steel box to house this unit? Thanks for your help.
Ed (Robby), (Priddis, AB)

Robby, when the generator purchased is approved for installation in an RV, then the metal box it is constructed in will typically satisfy the NFPA or NEC requirement regarding a fireproof compartment. The compartment, where you install the generator, however, must be vapor tight to the interior of the RV. If you are mounting it below the floor line, then the underside of the RV must be sealed vapor tight also. The mounting location must also allow for the proper amount of ventilation and hot air discharge, just like you mentioned. Just be sure the exhaust pipe extends past the sidewall of the RV by at least 1-inch and not near any inlet to the RV. Since the box surrounding the generator now meets the necessary requirements, it will not be necessary to metal-line and insulate the compartment in the RV. As a precaution, though, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to be sure.


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