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Monday, October 26, 2009

Holding Tank Damage

While driving, my gray water holding tank dropped down and ground a hole in one corner from dragging on the ground before I could stop. Are there patch kits for ABS tanks? How do I go about repairing the tank without replacing it? Thanks!
John, (Garden Grove, CA)

John, though many patch kit makers extol the benefits of their products quite convincingly, experience has taught me that the only way to permanently repair a plastic tank with bottom damage is by welding. However, I do recommend the patch kits for small holes located on the top of an ABS tank.

Though a bottom corner hole would indeed be tricky, a good plastic welder should have that repaired in a relatively short time unless the plastic is very thin in that location. Some, but not many, RV repair facilities offer professional plastic welding services. You'll have to call around to find one in your area. If you happen to find a service center that has the professional equipment, but no knowledge of how to use it, (it happens), I do offer an instructional videotape that details the steps necessary for successful plastic welding. Feel free to email me if you are interested in the training video. Relatively inexpensive plastic welding devices are readily obtainable if you wish to attempt this yourself if no shop near you is properly equipped.


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