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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Slow Flow No Go

I have an Innsbruck and all of a sudden water will not flow into the toilet. We do use a filter for all the water coming into the camper. It is a little slow in the sink and shower, too. I did clean the screens at each faucet. What else can I do?
Bill, (Keithville, LA)

Bill, it is quite possible the filtering media in the filter you are using has been saturated beyond its usefulness. Oftentimes filters become clogged and must be replaced with a new insert. Some have replaceable cartridges while some must simply be tossed out and replaced with a complete new filter. Not knowing which filter you are using, I would indeed at least start there.

Does the problem persist whether you are using city water or the on-board system with the pump or both? If the problem exists only when operating the water pump, look for another filter on the input side of the pump between the tank and the pump. Oftentimes, particles inside the water tank can become lodged in the pump filter or in the pump itself. If it happens while on city water also, look for a kink or sharp bend in the supply tubing at or near the city water inlet inside the coach.

It's also quite possible the fresh water line is blocked at the toilet inlet valve or that the valve itself may have been rendered faulty. Try this; with the water source disconnected or turned off, remove the tubing right at the toilet. Have a large pan at the ready then have an accomplice briefly turn the water pump on. If water exits the tubing at the toilet, it would prove a faulty inlet valve on the toilet. 


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