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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cabover Window Leak

I have a 26-foot motorhome in excellent condition except we had a leak in an upper window of cabover that rotted wood in the front and lower section of cabover. Local dealers tell me the cost to repair it is in excess of value of unit and haven't even quoted a repair cost. They only show me their new models. Is this worth repairing? Do I have to depend on dealers who will try to sell me another unit rather than help me fix mine? Is this type of repair more difficult?
Christi, (Litchfield, OH)

Christi, unfortunately, such damage in the cabover section can be quite costly. However, for a dealer to not even quote a repair estimate while trying to steer you to a new vehicle is disingenuous at best. All reputable repair facilities will provide an estimated cost of repair and explain the pro and cons of such a repair. A thorough inspection is required in order to fully evaluate the feasibility of a repair. And keep in mind, not every RV service facility is able to perform this type of repair. I’ve sent you the name of a facility near you; let me know how it works out.


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