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Monday, October 26, 2009

Fuel Starved?

I own an Itasca Sunflyer on a P-30 chassis. I have been having fuel delivery problems while using the main tank. When on the aux tank the rig runs just fine, however, after switching to the main tank I experience symptoms very much like vapor lock. It will cruise fine, but when I slow down and then accelerate, it hesitates and misses. The fuel filters have been changed and so has the fuel tank selector valve. I suspect that it may have an internal electric fuel pump in the main tank that has failed, but I don't know how to test for that. Could I install an inline fuel pump on the main tank line or would I be better off installing one after the fuel selector valve, if I should install one at all?
Steve, (Holiday, FL)

Steve, check the vapor return line from the canister to the tank. If blocked or kinked, it may act like a fuel starvation issue. Also check all the hoses for cracks. Any coach on that older chassis should have had new hoses installed at some point, but you never know; you may be sucking air instead of gasoline. Also, it could be the in-tank pump, however, it is necessary to drop the tank to replace or repair that one. Adding another "pusher" pump as close to the main tank as possible may help, but I would want to eliminate everything else first.


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