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Monday, October 26, 2009

LP at the Range

I have an early 90s Atwood/Wedgewood range/oven that will not fire up. It appears to have no gas going to it since I have turned the burners and oven on and never smell gas. There is no air blowing through the line because the match never blows out either. I looked for a hidden gas valve, but none was found. Is this a regulator problem or is something plugged up? I just bought this RV and maybe it NEVER worked?
Julie, (Boise, ID)

Julie, indeed something is amiss and I kinda hate to ask this....but are you sure there is fuel in the container? Also, are you aware if the RV is equipped with an LP leak detector that employs an automatic shut-off solenoid valve? The solenoid valve will be positioned at or near the service valve at the LP container. If you have fuel and you see no shut off valve near the container or under the stove top, then the LP line must be kinked or disconnected somewhere further back in the delivery system; if indeed LP is flowing at all. 

Try this; be sure the LP container valve is open and light another appliance such as the refrigerator. If you cannot light any appliance, then I would suspect either the container valve is stuck closed or the main LP regulator positioned at the container is faulty. But if the refrigerator ignites and remains lit for say, thirty minutes, one can safely assume that LP is at least getting into the system. Distinguish the flame at the refrigerator before proceeding to the next step. 

Next, at the stove, saturate the flare nut fitting where the gas line attaches to the manifold with a soapy solution, (be sure to avoid soaps or detergents that contain ammonia products). Then, using two wrenches, slightly loosen the flare nut. If no bubbles materialize as this fitting is loosened, there is no fuel getting to the range. Your only recourse is to follow the copper tubing from the stove down to where it “tees” into the black iron piping. It's not improbable that that section of tubing is kinked somewhere or that it has been disconnected altogether. 

Be sure to inspect every turn and twist as the tubing is routed behind cabinets and through the flooring. There is the remote possibility of a blockage in the black iron piping, but I would suspect that, at the very worst, you may have to run a new length of tubing from the black iron connection up to the range manifold. If all tubing and piping is in good shape, the blockage may be in the stove top manifold itself and further troubleshooting there is in order.


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