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Monday, October 26, 2009

Rubber Roof Repair

I have a two-inch round hole in my EPDM rubber roof. The hole does go into the trailer. Here is the problem; do I patch it or do I need a new roof? The trailer is only one year old. No one will guarantee the patch and the cost for a new roof is expensive. Insurance should cover it but I cannot believe this is how it is done. Hole in roof - new roof. That's what I am told. Any ideas?
James, (Newburgh, NY)

James, I may have some good news for you. I have just concluded testing some leak repair products produced by Eternabond. One promising product is a 6" X 6" permanent roof repair patch that works on any roof surface, including EPDM. The installation of this permanent roof repair kit is as easy as placing a self-adhesive stamp on an envelope, (well almost). After plugging the actual hole in the roof, the EPDM patch is applied by peeling off the backing and applying pressure. The pressure applied begins the bonding process that will remain permanent, yet it will not harden. 

Care must be taken, as in any repair, to completely clean the affected area first and be sure to not use any type of silicone sealant. Eternabond simply will not bond properly to silicone. And be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. Replace the entire roof because of one hole? I think I’d look for another repair facility; one that has the customer’s best interest in mind.


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