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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Overfull Flusher

My toilet in the RV seems to keep filling up after it has been flushed, to the point of filling the bowl up over a period of time and running over the toilet. How do I fix it?
Tammy, (Iowa Park, TX)

Tammy, there is likely a problem with the toilet inlet water valve. The most common is called a “ball valve”. Either the valve is leaking or it is not closing completely; possibly as a result of the flush mechanism binding. Activate the flush mechanism several times and make sure it is not binding or sticking. Be sure it has freedom of movement and returns to its fully closed position. If you can, reach behind the toilet to where the flush linkage connects to the water valve and manipulate the mechanism directly attached to the valve. If you are able to feel extra movement then the valve is probably not fully closing. It could be partially blocked by mineral contaminants in the fresh water. It’s actually better to remove the toilet from the coach in order to gain full access to the mechanism and water inlet valve. If the flush mechanism is not binding and the water valve appears to be fully closing, then it is likely leaking internally and you can simply replace the entire water valve. Replacement parts are conveniently available for most all RV toilets at any RV parts store.


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