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Friday, October 30, 2009

No Water through Pump

I am having problems with my fresh water demand pump. The pump runs all the time but will not deliver water. I have filled up the fresh water tank, closed all the faucets and checked for debris in the water supply line from the tank to the pump. Still can't get water to the faucet.
Abe, (Houston, TX)

Abe, it is quite possible you have developed an air lock inside the pump or the pump is drawing air from the supply side of the system. If you have a filter mechanism between the pump and the tank, check for the proper connections and that all hose clamps are tight. I would also briefly disconnect the inlet hose from the pump just to be sure there are no blockages at the tank outlet and indeed water is getting to the pump. If water flows out of the inlet hose, reconnect it to the pump. 

Next, remove the outlet fitting and/or hose from the pump and attach a short hose to direct the water into a pan or bucket situated nearby. Activate the pump and see if water begins pumping. If not, there is the possibility the pump has suffered an internal failure which would require further troubleshooting depending on the make of pump. In most cases of internal failure it is usually best and easiest to replace the entire pump and start fresh with all new components and a new warranty. If the pump indeed pumps this short distance after priming, reconnect the outlet hose and this time open all the faucets. 

Keep in mind that a working pump must first fill the water heater before delivering a smooth flow of water to any of the other faucets. Once the heater is filled, the flow at every faucet should even out. As you close the last faucet the pump may run for a brief moment before shutting off completely.


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