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Friday, October 30, 2009

Dual Purpose Appliance

I have a 1989 Kit Companion travel trailer with an old Trav'ler Duette stove/oven/furnace combination. The instructions are worn off of the unit and I have no idea how to light the furnace. The stove seems to work fine. The pilot light will not light and the fan won't come on. There is 12-volt power to the fan switch. Any help would be appreciated!
Nate, (Colorado Springs, CO)

Nate, try this; open the oven door and manually depress the spring-loaded button on the side of the oven opening, (I can't remember which side of the oven it’s on; you DO have an golden oldie!). This allows LP to freely flow to the pilot assembly. Be sure the LP container is opened and the pressure is correctly set to 11.0 inches of water column. The pilot flame should stay lit when you release the button. If it does, close the oven door. After setting the temperature on the thermostat, it will seemingly take an abnormally long time for the main flame to ignite. If you open the oven door to check, however, the flame will not light. A hidden lever encased in the side of the oven unit pushes the LP safety valve only when the door is closed. The fan should engage sometime after the burner has produced enough heat to be delivered through the vents at the bottom of the oven.


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