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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kwik Help for Steps

I installed a replacement motor for my electric steps (Kwikee). At first the steps would not work. I replaced the switch with the one that came in the kit and it seemed to work fine. Now the steps stay in the “out” position. When I open the door with the power on, the step cycles in, then back out. Please help!
Rob, (Elk River, MN)

Rob, Kwikee has made a change to their step controls to provide a safer and more robust operation. You should have received a new control unit, motor and switch in the replacement kit. The new switch is meant to work with the updated controls. In fact, Kwikee has changed the name of the switch from “power switch” to “override switch” due to its change in functionality. With the old power switch, you turned it to the “on” position in order to make the steps follow the door and you turned it off in order to have the steps stay in the current position. The override switch works differently. With the override switch “on”, the step will extend the first time the door is opened and stay that way until the switch is turned “off” or the ignition is turned on. With the override switch in the “off” position, the steps will be controlled by the logic unit and will follow the door with ignition override. You must replace all three components for it to work properly. If you did not receive a new control unit in the kit please contact Kwikee for the location of their closest dealer or service center.


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