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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day/Night Shades Redux

Dear Readers: in an earlier column, Pat of Shingle Springs, CA wrote regarding the broken string issue with the day/night shades in her coach. I wimped out and admitted I simply did not have enough hands, fingers or patience to restring those shades. Since that issue was published I heard from one reader who had their shades restrung and were reimbursed by the coach manufacturer. So, one step would be to contact the manufacturer of your motorhome to see if that repair is indeed reimbursable. Additionally (and thankfully) a few readers have sent in some suggestions; here are a couple from other readers.

From D. – RE day/night shades; we have an angel (of sorts) here in Sacramento who repaired mine for $45. He’s known as the Van Man. He took them in one day and had them back the next.

From Vicki - There was recently a question about fixing day/night shades when the cords have broken. I have the solution! It is www.dirtyblindman.com. He has all the parts needed to repair day/night blinds, plus he provides a CD showing step-by-step procedures. He has different shades of cord and he ships with a 3-day delivery! His prices are even affordable! It really beats having to replace the entire blind. Also, one thing I found especially helpful in restringing my blinds was a set of long needles purchased at Wal-Mart in the sewing section. You may have to ask a clerk, but I've seen them in many of their stores for under $2.

Note: The RV Doctor contacted the Dirty Blind Man, and Vicki was correct! I received my kit in a couple of days. I now have the courage to attempt this repair! RV Doc


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