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Sunday, January 14, 2001

Wasted RV Slideout Seal

Due to deterioration, I need to replace a rubber seal on the perimeter of a slideout on my RV. I do not know the correct name for the seal. And I am in the middle of nowhere TX, working as a gate guard in the oil fields, so my home is also my office, therefore I cannot take it in to get the answers I need. The seal goes along the top and both sides. It is approximately 3-inches wide. I believe it is called a slide sweep. I really need help finding this as I would really like to get this replaced. Thanks! Dave W., (Nowhere, TX)

You are correct David, it's called a wiper seal and it comes in various sizes and designs. Some with one, two, or even no bulbs on it. Bulbs are the round part of the seal that collapses when something contacts it thereby effectuating the seal. Changing it can be a bit of a pain, but basically you measure the entire length and order that amount plus a little extra as a fudge factor. The old seal will pull off the aluminum extrusion. Then, just snap the new one in place. Make sure all overlapping sections of the wiper are glued and sealed. Use a good weather-stripping adhesive to glue them together. The bulb seal can be purchased from any well-stocked RV dealer or repair center, but RV factory surplus stores up in the Elkhart area also have a great selection. Pelland Enterprises is another source which is sometimes used for such things. They have decent pictures of all the different styles here.

Hope this helps! Chris

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