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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Product Spotlight: HepvO Waterless Sanitary Valve

One of the most common complaints of RVers is the proliferation of obnoxious odors emanating from the waste plumbing system. Nothing can ruin an excursion faster than having holding tank odors permeate the interior of the coach. The first line of defense against invading fumes is the water lock established by P-traps located below the sinks and tub/shower drains.

Long a staple in the plumbing trades, the common P-trap has served us well for many years. There is a downside however, especially concerning recreation vehicle P-traps that are used less frequently than commercial or residential applications. Oftentimes the water seal in a coach P-trap is diminished or lost altogether. The jostling that occurs while traveling, improper siphoning action during highway turns and tank evacuations or simply drying out from non-use can render the water seal ineffective at blocking holding tank odors from entering the living area of an RV. In addition, the P-trap requires diligent maintenance; frequent cleanings and freeze protection are necessary and often overlooked. If neglected, waste residue inside the traps can foster bacteria growth and subsequent odors from within.

Enter a new product, the HepvO waterless sanitary valve. Available in the aftermarket and now found on many coaches right from the factory, the HepvO waterless valve replaces the common P-trap, thereby creating an effective seal against odors while providing additional storage space (who reading this would not appreciate having more room for personal effects?).

This ingenious sanitary valve is constructed with a self-sealing, yet flexible, silicone-derived membrane that allows water to flow through it, but completely closes off when water flow stops thereby preventing holding tank odors from migrating up and through the sinks and the tub or shower. The HepvO is also an effective air-admittance device, which eliminates the need for mandated anti-siphon trap vent devices at fixture P-trap arms.

With no standing water as in a P-trap, the HepvO waterless valve eliminates the possibility of bacteria growth and eliminates the freeze concern and evaporation issues.

Check out this RV Doctor video!

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