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Tuesday, January 16, 2001

FOG Post 16

I'd like to bring frequent FOG contributor, Chris Dougherty, back in for another quick Q&A, this one from Donald Cooper. I know how I would respond, but I wanted to get Chris' input to see if it differs any, based on our two different geographical locations (it didn't!). Here's Donald's question:

Should I put anything like silicone sprays or Protect ALL, etc., on my 5th wheel slideout seals?

And Chris' response:

Hi Donald. I will occasionally wipe my seals down, especially if I find they’ve gotten dirty. While sun exposure (UV) can cause rubber to become stiff and brittle, I’ve never replaced a seal because of that reason. I have replaced them because the little metal springs that clip onto the aluminum extrusion inside the seal failed due to rust. That said, there’s always an ounce of prevention… there are products made to protect slideout seals like 303 Aerospace or Protect All Slideout Seal Protectant. These have worked well for me, providing the seals are clean first. Scrubbing them while washing the coach works fine. Don’t forget the top seal on the slide. This can be a collector of tree debris that can contribute to seal and roof decay. While you’re up there, clean and seal the roof as well, if needed!


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