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Sunday, January 2, 2000

Friends of Gary - Jim Brightly

As a reader of the RV Doctor Column, you know my areas of expertise are focused primarily on the living areas of the RV; the major systems, components and appliances, etc. Rarely do I venture into chassis related areas since I feel there are many others better equipped to handle those types of readers' questions. From time to time, I'll ask some of my technically-adept friends and compatriots to chime in with a response for some of those areas.

Here's one from Jim Brightly, former Technical Editor of FMC Magazine

I have read many articles on keeping your tires clean to extend life, especially keeping moisture, dirt and grime off the tires. Okay, on rear duals, how do you clean all four sides of both tires? Even on the front tires, who climbs under and brushes and washes the inside of the front tires? Let's face it--if there is dirt on the outside of both front and rear tires, it will cut down on sun rays on the rubber. Let's be more specific on this procedure. Gary L. (Brooklyn, WI)

Hi Gary, I can understand your confusion as to cleaning tires but I can't be more specific because of all the tire seminars I attended over the years as FMC's tech editor, I can't recall any of the tire manufacturer reps ever being that specific. They just said keeping the tires clean without using anything other than soap and water adds to a tire's life. I suspect--and this is just my opinion--that what happens is dirt and debris on the tires' sidewalls tend to wick out more moisture (read that as life-giving chemicals) than a clean sidewall. Large chunks of "stuff" could also conceivably cause the tire to be slightly out of balance, which would lead to abnormal wear. I also don't think you need to crawl under the coach with brushes, etc., just use a high-pressure hose to wash off the inside sidewalls and/or between the dual rear tires and you'll be good to go. Good Luck, Jim Brightly


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