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Friday, January 9, 2015

Keep RV Tires on a Firm Foundation

Love your articles and I have learned so much from you. I have a 2013 Itasca. Being relatively new it does have hydraulic stabilizers which do level it, but right now it is parked in my driveway which has an incline to the road. I want to be able to use if when family comes to visit, but I am trying to figure out how to get it level. The front is probably sitting 10” to 12“ lower than the back. I was told, or read in the manual for the stabilizers, that you should never lift the RV up so high that the tires leave the ground. So I don’t think I can use them to level it. I saw your article about making ramps out of treated 2” lumber and wondered if you thought that would work for me? I would probably have to use six,  2x10 pieces, each a little longer than the first. Also, is it better to raise the front end or the rear? I assume the front since there is only one set of tires. Thanks so much for your help. (Carol B.)

 Carol, indeed those tapered leveling blocks are your best bet. As well as raising the front axle only. Never allow the tires to leave the ground, especially the rear tires. The emergency brake must be engaged and the transmission in Park, both of which affect the drive axle, so keep those rear tires on the ground.


Send me a picture once you build the blocks. Above is a shot of another reader’s set-up. Notice the “stop” block on the very top. Don’t risk running off the top block and damaging sidewall or frame components.



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