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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RV Levelers Raising Tires Off the Ground

Our motorhome has Power Gear brand levelers. The front two float side to side on the same hydraulic circuit while the rear two jacks are independent. The coach seems to ride high on certain grades with the front wheels off the ground oftentimes. When this happens the coach rocks enough to trigger motion sickness. Here are my questions:

   1. Should I lower the front two leveler jack a notch?
   2. Should I shorten the back two leveler jacks a notch? Thereby
       lowering the starting point center of gravity so as not to need it
       so high in front?
   3. Both? Or one at a time? In what order?
   4. Can you recommend a shop in my area?
   5. What about auxiliary jacks? Where and what kind? On the slides?
   6. Any other ideas?

Please help as currently it is making us sick! Dean G.

It is certainly not recommended having tires actually off the ground once the levelers have been deployed, Dean. That will definitely lead to instability issues as you've already discovered. I'm wondering if the "Auto" function has been properly set up to begin with? If so it sounds like your system needs to be re-calibrated to what's called the "zero point." I've attached the calibration procedures if you feel so inclined to attempt it yourself.

Properly set up, the best "Auto" position will permit all tires to stay in contact with Mother Earth and still effectively level the coach. If you notice any sinking into the ground at any jack though, it might be necessary to use a larger footprint accessory under each jack.

But I'm guessing a proper "set-up" will eliminate your motion sickness. I'd hold off on auxiliary slideout supports until after you have the main leveling system calibrated properly. You simply may not need them after that. Plus they can always be added at any time.

If you choose to seek professional help, be sure to only allow certified RV technicians to work on your leveling system. Look for a shop that has specific experience with the Power Gear brand. Unfortunately, I have no recommendations for shops in your location.



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