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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dog Bones & RV Batteries

Thanks for your information at the RV show last weekend. Your seminars were very informative and those tire pressure requirements were new to me. Also you mentioned the dog bone adapter is a not a good idea. I’ve used them for years with no problem. How can I plug my 50-amp trailer to the 30-amp post at the campground without one? What do you know that I don’t?

What do you think about solid state batteries? We live full time in our 5th wheel and currently have two lead acid 12-volt deep cycle batteries. Weight seems to be a good thing with the solid state and they are available in a higher amp-hour rating, (but for a price!). Or shall I upgrade to four, 6-volt batteries in a parallel/series configuration? Thomas S., (Seattle, WA)

Thanks for coming to the seminars Thomas! Glad to hear you liked them! About those dog bone adapters....only use them if you absolutely have to. The biggest concern is that one or more safety devices are bypassed when using them. Plus more connections in the chain gives moisture intrusion and electrical corrosion a leg up. But if all you have available is a 30-amp receptacle, unfortunately you’ve got to use one. But try to always plug in to the correct receptacle so you can have full operation of all your components and circuit protection. Here's an industry expert's similar remarks about those dog bone, reducing electrical adapters. Check out this short video. 

I’m not quite sure what you mean by a solid state battery. Do you mean a sealed battery like an AGM? Do you have a specific brand in mind? Upgrading your battery bank to four, 6-volt batteries would be a huge advantage! You would more than double the amp-hour capacity, in most applications. Just remember, you’ll then be required to have the capacity to charge that new configuration also! 

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