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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Old Water Heater Burner Needed

Hey Doc! I'm asking if you could help me find a water heater burner assembly for a 1977 Comfort. I don't want to get a new heater if this part can be replaced. It is an old camper and I have redone the whole inside floor, ceiling etc. The heater is a American Appliance 6-gallon water heater, model #6ARV. I hope you can help me or at least steer me in the right direction! Thanks! Chris (no city/state)

Chris, American Appliance was purchased by Suburban Manufacturing some years ago. It’s doubtful they’ll still have parts for the old line, however. Your best bet, short of replacing the entire water heater would be to locate an aftermarket repair facility that specializes in RV appliances. Many of these specialty shops have older components for obsolete units still in the field. One such shop I relied on many years ago was Howell’s RV Appliance Repair. I've known Leonard for forty-plus years and if anyone would have old obsolete components, it would be him. You didn't tell me where you're located, but Leonard still runs a mobile business in the greater San Diego area. Give him a call at 619-449-6231. You could also contact local RV dealers and repair shops in your area as well, but I'd put my wager on Howell's first.


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