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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rubber Roof Bubbles

I recently had a new rubber roof put on my Class C motorhome. Inspecting the roof I noticed several bubbles in it, a couple several inches long, and am wondering if this is normal? It seems to me to be a case of inferior workmanship but I would like to get another opinion before I confront the person who did the work. Your opinion would be appreciated. Tom (Mansfield, OH)

Tom, bubbles in EPDM rubber membrane are typically caused by improper preparation during installation, water intrusion or the use of incorrect adhesives. With only one bubble on your roofing material I would suspect that spot was contaminated somehow or not prepped thoroughly enough prior to the installation of the membrane. I would definitely let the technician know about it and allow him a chance to repair it. Left unabated, it is possible the bubbling could continue. Look closely to make sure that there is only one. It may be a good idea to mark the circumference of the bubble lightly with a pencil or marker and watch it closely over time to see if it gets any larger. It may be possible to inject adhesive into the bubble with a syringe and re-cement it in place by rolling it out with a hand roller. A small EPDM patch kit can easily seal the injection holes.


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