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Monday, September 16, 2013

Fiberglass Care

We have an older Savoy with a fiberglass exterior. What would you recommend as a product to bring back the luster of the finish? I’m thinking a wax of some kind but you may have a better solution. What to wash and shine with? Joanne G., (Woodmore, Manitoba)

Joanne, plain and simple, I’m a big fan of Protect All products. They’ve worked well for me and many of my readers in the past. Plus they are readily available at any Camping World store and most RV dealership accessory stores. For washing the RV, regardless of type of surface, I recommend their Quick & Easy Wash. For faded or oxidized fiberglass, use their Fiberglass Oxidation Remover & Color Restorer. Keep in mind, some elements of washing and most elements of restoring the fiberglass will likely remove any protective waxes previously applied to the surface. Always wax again after using the Fiberglass Oxidation Remover. Most any wax containing carnauba should do you well. 


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