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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Slideout Fabric(ating)

I have a 2003 Safari Zanzibar and want to redo the fabric around the slideout edges. It appears that the few screws on the front are not the only ones holding this trim on. Are they also attached from the back? How do I get to them? I enjoy your column. We have been RVing since 1967. Keep up the good work! King F., (Anderson, SC) 

Wow, that’s a tough one without seeing it firsthand King. I’m guessing the fabric was installed prior to the slide room being inserted into the opening in the sidewall. It’s not uncommon for the room to be completely assembled independently of the RV, then slid into place and connected. 

Perhaps if you partially retracted the room you can use a mirror to look behind the fascia to see if there are other fasteners holding it in place. Or maybe send a few photos so I can get some idea of what the situation actually looks like. That would be my best guess without seeing in in person, unfortunately.  

King's latest response:  Gary thanks for you insight. As you suggested, I pulled in a slide part way and found that there were no screws on the back side, so I removed all the exterior screws and the molding came right off. I guess I should have tried this first before bothering you. We have already finished reupholstering all 11 pieces and reinstalled them. They look as good as original. If anyone asks, it was quite easy and no sewing involved but lots of staples! Thanks again for your insight and excellent information to all us RV'ers. King

PS: This our 9th motorhome in the past 43 years and I do 80-90% of all maintenance on them. 

Gary's Response:
Way to go! That's why you're the King! 


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