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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Constant LED for RV Dump Valves

I have a 2011 Carriage Carri-Lite. Both the grey water and black water electric dump valve switch lights are illuminated indicating the valves are in the open positions. They have been working fine but seem to be "stuck" in the open position. This happened once before and I cannot remember what the fix was. I checked the fuses and breakers and they seem to be fine. The actual valves are not immediately accessible and I'm not sure where they are. I believe it's an electrical issue. HELP! Thanks, J. W., (Three Rivers, TX)

J. W., it is unusual for both lights on the those switches to stay lit. Usually the black indicator LED stays on even while the valve is working properly. The indicator stays on when the magnet on the gate does not line up under the magnetic switch, which is mounted on the body of the valve itself. The switch is a “normally closed” switched and it takes the magnet to hold the contacts “open.”

Unfortunately you will have to gain access to the valves at some point in order to troubleshoot that magnetic switch. It will be necessary to remove the belly pan or at least part of it to get to the valves. Some of the Carriage models have a molded plastic piece on the street or driver’s side of the coach that looks different than the other underbelly pans. This is where the valves are located.

Remember the light is simply an indicator and not part of the actual valve operation, so if you are on a trip, you do not need to address this issue until you return home. You can verify that the gray valve is indeed closed even though the LED is illuminated by emptying the tank, then close the valve and run water in the sinks and see if it continues to drain out of the tank and through the sewer hose. Chances are, however, the valve is still closed, even with the LED illuminated.

I’ve attached some additional troubleshooting information for you regarding this issue. You can also call Drain Master 877 787 8833 Toll free and the good folks there will be happy to assist you further if necessary. (Any interested reader can also download the same troubleshooting information from this link).


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