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Monday, March 26, 2012

Water Leak On a Classic

After rebuilding the back of my 1972 Terry travel trailer, I hooked up the city water to the trailer and could hear water spraying on the outside of the shower.  Do I have to pull back the skin again?  Is there anyway else I can get to the rear plumbing without having to rip it all apart again? Where can I get a plumbing diagram for 1972 Terry travel trailer? Jo L., (Bakersfield, CA)

Wow, you have a classic there Jo! It’s too bad the installers didn’t perform a water leak test prior to enclosing the plumbing; something we teach all the pro technicians to do. In some cases, the manufacturer may have provided a removable panel to gain access to the backs of the faucet assemblies and/or the P-traps, but not all were that forward thinking I’m sorry to say. So unless you can actually find an access panel on either the interior or exterior, it just may be necessary to remove the panels again. Done carefully, it’s very doable, but disheartening since they were off already before. Chances are this is the case if the plumbing is routed up behind an exterior wall. The access panels were mostly installed on an interior partition wall. In some cases, new access openings can be cut and framed where there were none before. This might be a better option in your case. A compartment door or removable access panel can be then be installed right at the faucet/showerhead locations from outside the trailer.

It’s doubtful ANY plumbing schematics exist for a travel trailer that old. Back in those days, it was rare for a manufacturer to provide such drawings unfortunately. The result meant the technician or RV owner resorted to simply visually tracing where the fresh water tubing was run.


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