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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Securing a Table to RV Paneling

I read your articles and columns for years and was interested about your discussion of nutserts. Will nutserts work on the inner walls of an RV? Paper covered thin plywood with foam backing. We have a wall mounted folding table that keeps coming loose from the wall. I would like to secure it permanently. I'm wondering if the nutserts would work? Harold K. (no city, no state)

Harold, the nutserts I mentioned in the column are specifically designed for thin metals or fiberglass. There are other hollow-wall fasteners that are similar that will work better in wood paneling. As long as your table isn't too heavy and you're only trying to stabilize it rather than have the weight solely supported by the wall anchors. The best would be a molly-type fitting that installs simply by tightening the included screw. The type you need will have teeth that actually grip the paneling as the screw is tightened. Once the expansion takes place inside the wall, the screw is removed and reinstalled through the table brackets.

The above photo shows a variety of mollies. The two in the middle have a pointed end and are designed primarily for sheet rock. The other two are designed for paneling. They are available in sizes ranging from very small to 1/4-inch in diameter. I would suggest this type would be better suited for securing your folding table to the wall. Simply drill a hole slightly smaller in diameter than the molly and force it in. As you tighten the screw, it expands inside the wall. You’ll want one designed for the thickness of your existing paneling. They are readily available at any of the big box home improvement stores.


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