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Sunday, October 9, 2011

RV Generator Fuel Back-Flow

My generator set runs well, but if it sits for over a week, then the gas in the line drains away from the generator. What can I do to fix it? I can suck it back up from the tank, (not-so-fun old days), and all is well until I don't use it for awhile. What holds the vacuum on the fuel line? Bob M., (Redwood City, CA) 

Bob, many RV generators are equipped with an electric fuel solenoid valve that automatically closes when the generator shuts down to prevent that very situation. It’s possible yours is faulty. You can also install an aftermarket check valve at the fuel inlet to the generator to help prevent draining of the fuel line back to the tank. But if your coach is still under warranty, make an appointment at your dealer. It is a warrantable situation. If out of warranty, any certified RV service tech should be able to quickly determine if the fuel solenoid valve is misbehaving. It’s a fairly quick test and quick fix.


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