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Thursday, September 1, 2011

RV Toilet "Scored" And Not In A Winning Way!

You have helped me several times in the past and now I have a minor problem. The toilet brush we have been using has really "scored" and scratched our RV toilet badly. I have managed to get rid of the gouges with rubbing compound and then car wax. My question is: What can we use to clean the toilet without leaving the scratches? (We think the brush we were using is designed for ceramic toilets). Many thanks! John E., (via RV Doc Newsletter)

John, I’m not a big fan of plastic RV toilets for the very reason you mention. They are simply not compatible with most abrasive cleansers and bathroom brushes. I think you’ve done the best thing you can to rectify the issue though. If the car wax contained carnuba, that will help. Future cleansings should be performed with a strictly, non-abrasive cleaner and use a very soft brush. Personally I don’t have a favorite, so any non-abrasive cleaner is a potential. It may take some experimenting to find the one best suited for you. 



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