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Thursday, July 21, 2011

RV Out of Warranty

Our Crossroads Seville has four slideouts and it's only about four years old and already two of the four slides have malfunctioned and not opened. I think this is a bit too soon for this type of repair expense. Should we see if the manufacturer will back the repairs or is there a maintenance procedure that we could be doing to keep them operating easier? Sandi T. (Fostoria, OH)

Sandi, it’s doubtful the dealer or the manufacturer will be of much help, financially, on a coach approaching four years old (most warranties term out at 12 months). But it certainly cannot hurt to ask! A sincere letter or email to the manufacturer may be the best approach. It all depends on which components actually malfunctioned. There are some RV-owner maintenance procedures mandated by most manufacturers, but typically they involve cleaning, lubricating and taking care not to overload the slide room mechanisms. 

Also, check to be sure you do not have an applicable extended warranty or service agreement, either from the dealer or a 3rd party vendor. Additionally, look online for any recall notices that may apply to your unit or the maker of the slide mechanism. But let me know what actually failed with those two rooms.  


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