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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Problematic Imported RV Tires

We have a Keystone Laredo which came with Mission tires. Within three days we had two tires fail. One had a bubble and the other blew out five miles from home while heading to the mountains. It did damage the trailer. Tireco, (the parent company), will not cover the damage. They say the tire that blew had impact/road hazard damage. I don't believe this at all. We had 50% of the tires go bad on this RV in three days. They did pay for the bubbled tire. I see on the web that there are numerous complaints regarding these tires. Can you, or any reader give me information on these tires, or what recourse we have? Louise C., (Kernersville, NC)

Sorry to hear about your problems with the Mission tires Louise; you evidently are not alone. Check the size of your tires and see if they are on the formal Recall notice. There have been many reported problems with these imported tires; the blogs of full of comments regarding them. Here’s an article that was posted back in 2007 that you might find interesting.

According to some, it simply is not worth the risk to continue using a Mission tire. Most have simply switched to one of the better made US tires and have not looked back. I’ve not heard many positive comments regarding Tireco as well.

I wish I had better news for you, but from a safety perspective, it would be wise to simply replace all the Mission tires with a US-made tire. From my research, it is much better to be safe and absorb the cost than to risk damage or injury. If possible, save and store the old tires in case an opportunity for a rebate or refund becomes a reality.  

Also, understand how vital it is to know the true weight each tire is actually carrying! Individual weight measurements taken at each tire position, using a certified scale, is the only, I repeat, the only way to know how much to inflate each tire. It's also the only way to know if an axle is overloaded to one side. The most common cause of tire failure in the RV industry is a combination of under-inflation and overloading. You must weigh it to know it! Regardless of the brand of tire.

I strongly suggest RVers everywhere contact the Recreation Vehicle Safety and Education Foundation (RVSEF) to inquire about their coach weighing schedule and other weight and safety educational products. RVSEF is the only independent facility fully endorsed by RVIA and RVDA. Visit them at: www.rvsafety.com.


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